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FOX & HEDGEHOG is a publication written by young adults, ranging from students to budding professionals, focused on shedding light upon local and regional stories of global importance. As a publication, F&H seeks to provide a plethora of millennial perspectives—often overlooked—on current topics, investigating issues from unique and globalised points of view.

At F&H we give you the outlook of a generation born and bred with technology and social media, bringing together minds that observe the world in vastly different ways than publications that precede us. To achieve this, we created F&H as an online current affairs review that compiles young adults’ viewpoints to contextualise global issues with localised or regional knowledge. 

We cover all kinds of political issues—ranging from the intersections of culture, environment and even sports—through analysis and synthesis of local sources and social networks, interviews with renowned experts and young leaders, and on-the-ground investigative journalism in local contexts.  As such, F&H is a source of aggregated current issues analysis for parties interested in the diverse voices of millennials.

F&H provides a centralised space where politically interested young people can come together to read each other’s work outside of traditional media outlets. What is more, F&H provides a window into the minds of a critical demographic for people of previous generations who seek to understand future global leaders. 

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F&H’s writing staff is divided into regional and thematic teams, but we come together often to highlight transnational and interdisciplinary trends and concepts. Internally, we work in non-thematic, two-week publishing cycles. Writers are expected to submit pitches about a month in advance of publication date, and are expected to contribute a certain number of articles per semester.

Moreover, our art staff focuses on creating engaging media content to complement our publication. Artists are tasked with creating original artwork or original GIFs for every published piece, and with working together with writers to create multimedia content to support our articles. So far, we have regularly featured interviews or guest articles from experts and practitioners from relevant fields. This organization was founded by three Yale-NUS College students in 2014 and is run from Singapore. To meet our team, click here.

Natalie Tan – Singapore

Natalie Tan – Singapore

And why Fox & Hedgehog? An ancient fragment attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus tells us that “The fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows one big thing”. Later made famous by Isaiah Berlin’s essay of the same name, foxes and hedgehogs have different perspectives on the world; the former draw ideas from a wide range of experiences and subtleties, while the latter define everything through a single lens.

We think a middle way can be found by linking the subtleties, nuances and details of the world with what we understand as “the big picture”, and we want to help you find this perspective.