The Global Team

F&H relies on both a core team and on contributors. The current core team is listed below. If you are interested in becoming involved with F&H, please keep an eye out for the next round of recruitment, or view how to make a submission.

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María Camila Posse (Colombia)
Michael Moore-Jones (New Zealand)
Nicholas Carverhill (Canada)   

María Camila Posse (Colombia)
Sahil Singhvi (USA)

Claire Krummenacher (USA)
Stephan Nitu (Romania)

Executive Editors
Elliot Setzer (USA)
Jasmine Su (Taiwan)
Jincong Chu (Singapore)
Vrinda Sood (Singapore)
Zafirah Singham (Singapore)

Staff Writers

Arjun Jayaraman (Singapore)

Astria Nabila (Indonesia)
Deeva Gupta
Greg Humphries
Ikromjon Tuhtasunov (Uzbekistan)
Mohammed Shaffan (Singapore)
Paul Cho (UK)
Ryan DeLoughry (USA)
Wei Yang Toh (Singapore)

Staff Artists
Daniela Arango (Colombia)
Eugenia Echeverry (Colombia)
Isra Safawi (India)
María Fernanda García López (Colombia)